Commissioned works start at $2500 for oil paintings and $1200 for pastels.

For information on pricing, please contact Michael Chelich by email or (219) 513-6039.

Procedure for Portrait Commissions

In beginning a portrait, I meet with my client to discuss some basic issues such as the intended size of the portrait, where the portrait will hang and whether the the portrait is to be formal or informal. Spending time with a client before starting the portrait is of great benefit since it gives me opportunity to gain insight into their personality. This preliminary time also allows me to experiment with a variety of poses.

Next, numerous photographs of my client are taken in order to capture a variety of gestures and facial expressions. From these photos, the client and I discuss which image or combination of images will best portray them in their portrait. Concerns which address clothing and background material are also discussed.

Once a facial expression is agreed upon, I do a pastel study of the client's face. The pastel study is used as a color and value study of the client's face to be incorporated into the final painting.

With the selected photos, I return to the studio and develop several compositional sketches. After the composition sketches have been completed, they are presented to the client throught the US mail or the internet. We will discuss them and together choose a final image.

Afterwards, I begin work on the painting with the agreed upon image. Once the painting is completed, the painting is delivered to the client. If the client wishes, I can select the frame for the painting and have everything sent together once the frame is completed.

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